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Who we are


Lapausa y Mora is a furniture factory specializing in kitchens and bedrooms. With over 20 years of baggage, we consider ourselves fortunate to be around at the forefront in these difficult times. Our products are characterized not only for its design but also for its versatility by creating custom homes. All this is thanks to the team who all this time have been involved in the design, creation, and production thereof, and all of which we thank them, without ever forgetting what our reference, and is make our customer feel satisfied and comfortable with our product, and so go by, gradually, a brand reference in the furniture sector.



We have tried to keep all along a line in Research, Development and Innovation. Lapausa and Mora has introduced the latest generation machinery such as the CNC Azme brand, model B-110, with which photo optimization and rendiimento and improved manufacturing processes and reduce production times. In the new catalog, it is planned to use this machine for our customers, you, can customize the heads of juvenile furniture, and other options. Soon we will give more details on these developments. Also noteworthy is the use of wood we have done, there has always been labeled with the seal of the EU IU8900, indicating that it is wood from countries not involved in the indiscriminate logging and wood quality is excellent.

When we started


Lapausa y Mora was founded in 1988 and there are now more than 20 years we have been serving the furniture throughout Spain and abroad. We started in Albal, and then we moved to Beniparrell, where a total of 3 ships changes adds, and gradually have been expanding our factory to avergar all the requisite machinery and be able to make furniture that we characterize both. We also have had to adapt to the times, and we have so many had to reduce manufacturing costs, and indirect costs, the requirements for acloparnos the market brand.